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Isn’t Consciousness An Emergent Property?

How To Disprove God If someone were to ask me to disprove God in the most succinct way possible, I would say: “Consciousness is an emergent property.” ~ Dorian Greer But a few days ago I was watching a video (private link – sorry) from The Quantum Activist where a certain Dr. Amit Goswami, based on a […]

Does Faith Imply Uneducated?

How Does Ignorance Imply Godliness? Source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113376504911684406239 Mr.Doe’s Your Religion Is Fucked Up™ The more “educated” we become, the farther we move away from God. ~ Flagg Church of God This church understands the demographics of its target audience. It validates “argumentum ad ignorantiam.” The lower the education of its flock, the greater its profitability […]

Asset – How to Dehypnotize a Believer

How to Dehypnotize a Believer – Or, “How to Plant a Truth Virus in the Matrix of Religion” …is a systematic approach to navigating a “Believer” into critical thinking about matters of faith, without the aspect of (or necessity for) argumentation. It is written and licensed as a distributable asset (in .PDF) with full rights […]

The Proper Scrutiny of Beliefs

The short story on religious faith can be summed up in two words: “epistemically invalid.” Faith has no claim on truth, neither empirically nor spiritually. So the real problem when discussing matters of religion is not so much the “content” of the subject, but the veracity of the content offered for belief. To bridge that […]

Is Jehovah right, or Allah?

Religious terrorism The Medieval Inquisitions, marked by torture and murder, were prosecuted through four centuries under the various Catholic Popes; and why most Americans are Christian today. The goal was to cleanse the world of heretics, or the non-believer in Catholicism. If Jehovah was right then, is Allah right today? The extermination of non-believers, and […]

And Now Libya comes under attack by ISIS

At least 10 dead in ISIS attack on Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya. Five foreigners killed including one French and one American, plus three from Tajikistan. The purpose of ISIS is to form, with as much real estate as possible I presume, an Islamic state. But killing anyone who’s already occupying that land is murder. So […]

Christians as modern day terrorists?

Yahoo! News reported yesterday that a Christian terror organization, called Anti-Balaka, was prosecuting what amounted to “genocide” against Muslims fleeing the capital of CAR, (Central African Republic). They apparently attacked their convoy of cars and trucks as the angry Christians shouted death threats at the escaping Muslims. The Christians were supposedly acting against the extremist […]