And Now Libya comes under attack by ISIS

At least 10 dead in ISIS attack on Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya. Five foreigners killed including one French and one American, plus three from Tajikistan. The purpose of ISIS is to form, with as much real estate as possible I presume, an Islamic state. But killing anyone who’s already occupying that land is murder. So how is this murder justified by the Islamic extremists, or ISIS?

Answer: Apparently the same way Jehovah did in the Old Testament, the USA in the 1700-1800’s against the native Indians, Israel in the 1940’s,  and all de facto winners of genocide war clearly had (have) God on their side. But the question remains: Why does a God need  a set of humans (A) to kill another set of humans (B), so that the first set of humans can have their land? If God really intended them to have that land, why must they kill the owners in order to get it?

If I am successful at killing you and taking your stuff, is that proof that God was on my side and WANTED me to have it? According to the bible, and apparently Islam, that answer is “yes.”

And THAT’s why religious faith needs to be questioned. What you know is wrong can always be sanctioned by religion. isn’t that what ISIS is doing?

Will you begin to question the efficacy of religious faith when they get nukes? My guess is that most religious folk will still be in a deep hypnotic sleep.

On the count of three, you will awaken back into the real world… One… two…

Christians as modern day terrorists?

Yahoo! News reported yesterday that a Christian terror organization, called Anti-Balaka, was prosecuting what amounted to “genocide” against Muslims fleeing the capital of CAR, (Central African Republic). They apparently attacked their convoy of cars and trucks as the angry Christians shouted death threats at the escaping Muslims.

The Christians were supposedly acting against the extremist Seleka Muslim rebels after they had targeted Christian groups; part of the ongoing saga of Muslim extremists taking control of cities by force of violence or extermination.

Personally, I don’t know what the Christians were supposed to do, when they were being murdered by the extremists, except defend themselves. But apparently going on the offensive is an act of terrorism, too. And it is, when you go after the defenseless non-combatant, i.e. women and children refugees trying to get out of the way.

Such is the state of today’s spiritual reality. Oh wait, it’s been that way for centuries. Isn’t it time we took a close sober (honest) look at religious faith?

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