Christians as modern day terrorists?

Yahoo! News reported yesterday that a Christian terror organization, called Anti-Balaka, was prosecuting what amounted to “genocide” against Muslims fleeing the capital of CAR, (Central African Republic). They apparently attacked their convoy of cars and trucks as the angry Christians shouted death threats at the escaping Muslims.

The Christians were supposedly acting against the extremist Seleka Muslim rebels after they had targeted Christian groups; part of the ongoing saga of Muslim extremists taking control of cities by force of violence or extermination.

Personally, I don’t know what the Christians were supposed to do, when they were being murdered by the extremists, except defend themselves. But apparently going on the offensive is an act of terrorism, too. And it is, when you go after the defenseless non-combatant, i.e. women and children refugees trying to get out of the way.

Such is the state of today’s spiritual reality. Oh wait, it’s been that way for centuries. Isn’t it time we took a close sober (honest) look at religious faith?

More info: Communities Digital News, NBC Nightly News,

More Islamic violence in Africa: 2,000 feared killed in ‘deadliest’ Boko Haram attack in Nigeria,

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