Is Jehovah right, or Allah?

Religious terrorism

The Medieval Inquisitions, marked by torture and murder, were prosecuted through four centuries under the various Catholic Popes; and why most Americans are Christian today. The goal was to cleanse the world of heretics, or the non-believer in Catholicism. If Jehovah was right then, is Allah right today?

The extermination of non-believers, and to take their land and property, is exactly what those fighting for an Islamic State (of Iraq & Syria) and now various parts of Africa, are trying to do. And they are doing it in the name of Islam, or more specifically, Allah.

Under what justification does one man kill another by invoking God’s will? The easy, surface, answer is religion. The deeper answer, that upholds religion, is religious faith.

One of the reasons I made Question 4, “Is Faith Epistemologically Valid?” public, is because once a person can see the mistake in conflating “faith” with “truth” it becomes easier for the religious mind to grasp the significance of the error. If killing people that do not believe what YOU believe is justified by the God of your religion, then YOU are a justifiable victim if murdered in the name of a God other than yours. Unless your god is morally wrong, the other god cannot be morally wrong.

But which God is right?

The rational mind understands this easily, as follows: If God is love, moral, and just, aren’t the actions of terrorists at least prima facie evidence that they do NOT represent a God? In fact, is it not conclusive evidence – for, what other evidence could possibly be needed?

Never mind the fact that a Muslim can no more demonstrate the existence of his God than a Christian could demonstrate his. Never mind the fact that the justification of violence comes not from any God, but from a book. The simple FACT is that if God exists and is moral and just, EVERY act of terrorism is a de facto demonstration that such actions could NOT have come from the will of a God.

Do you see now why some of us (the rational) are pulling out our hair, trying to get those led by faith to see the obvious?

My sad thoughts

My thinking is that if you are rational, you can easily see this. But the faithful have been desensitized to the violence of a loving God for centuries. My sad thoughts are that the irrational will not awaken to the reality of God’s justification for murder until the other team’s God acquires a nuke and uses it in your backyard, because your god has been justifying murder for centuries. Unless your god is morally wrong, the other god cannot be morally wrong. You need to figure this out.


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