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Isn’t Consciousness An Emergent Property?

How To Disprove God

If someone were to ask me to disprove God in the most succinct way possible, I would say:

“Consciousness is an emergent property.”
~ Dorian Greer

But a few days ago I was watching a video (private link – sorry) from The Quantum Activist where a certain Dr. Amit Goswami, based on a few experiments using meditation and EEG machines connected to the participants, came to many supernatural conclusions. One of those conclusions was that “consciousness is the primacy of existence.”

He concluded that matter sprang from consciousness, and not the other way around. This, of course, was a contradiction to my “disproof” of God.

Of course, the experiments were very poor, and his conclusion consisted of one leap of faith after another, but it surprised me that anyone would think that “first there was consciousness, AND THEN everything came afterward from that consciousness.”

So, I’m posing the question to a G+ Christian Apologist group, as follows:

I am posting and asking this as a “truth seeker” but do not make the faith statement described as “Christian.”

My question is as follows:

Q: How would you go about proving that consciousness is not an emergent property?

A bit of background and context about the question follows.

The Short Version:
If matter/energy does not exist in advance, from whence does consciousness arise?

The Long Version:
Consciousness (or being-ness) appears to be an emergent property of complex synergies requiring a body, a neural network, sense receptors, a processor, and stimuli (something to be aware OF).

Even with all these things, a synergy must come together emerging as a self-awareness for consciousness to arise. (A dead body can have all the parts, but no synergy takes place for an emergence of consciousness.)

Thus, if consciousness is not an emergent property, then it exists independently of everything we know as necessary for consciousness in the form of a being.

This means it does not require: senses, means of memory, data storage and processing, self, energy/matter (otherwise it would be localized); while still existing as awareness with “powers” to act intelligently and creativity with “purpose!”

If consciousness is the “necessary state” of being, absent everything else (in existence), from whence does it arise? And how does one demonstrate this?

And if consciousness is in fact the primary and “necessary (non-contingent) state,” without the need for a body, then why don’t we have an ever-continuing memory from the moment of our existence? Why do we lose consciousness?

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