Going Live 9-15-2015!

  • One last, but significant, change to content

    Changed the name of the eBook to reflect a better indication of the content. Christianity vs Critical Thinking“10 Challenging Questions Every Believer (& Skeptic) Should Ask” Inside the eBook, the Title Page still says “God Answers Me.” But I’m not changing it yet, until or unless I have other changes. I’m also looking for a better submission form for those whom would like to publish answers to some of these questions.

  • Answers & Authors Area

    I’m pretty sure I don’t want to manage a discussion area. But as of now, I will publish serious answers to the eBook questions. These are important problems that really need attention from good minds.

    For those of you that can give well written answers to these questions, I’d like to have a clean Authors area where your answers and ideas relating to these questions can be given formal publication in direct response to the questions. All preachers should respond in a formal way by authoring answers to these questions, and they should be publicly available to everyone. Most preachers, however, tend to threaten with hell, and then run for the hills.

  • Exclusive

    For now, Christianity vs Critical Thinking will only be sold at Amazon.com. They make it easy to update content and handle ‘behind the scene’ issues no author wants to do herself.