Guidelines for Article and Guest Posts Submissions

Guest Posts Submissions

Anyone who wants, is allowed to post in response to a question or an article, or to make a comment regarding the subject matter. But you must register. Your email (required) will remain private and will not be published; but your website, if you have one, will, unless you choose not to fill out that form field. If you have a blog, pingbacks are set to “on.”

Subjects of faith can be very emotional. Speech that provokes violence or hatred of any kind will be deleted (unpublished) once, blacklisted (I.P. address & email) twice. This site is for intelligent conversation with intelligent people. Though this site is adult oriented, it is in fact public and available to all ages. Please keep that in mind.

Guest Articles Submissions

In response to any of the Questions, articles should be formal. I recommend using Microsoft Word or a word processor that can flag you to poor grammar and spelling errors prior to submission. Errors are human, no biggie; flat-out poor quality will be sent back unpublished.

No “spinned” content will be accepted. The article needs to be unique, original, and yours.

IMPORTANT: By submitting your article, you are granting me (Dorian Greer), through the site exclusive and full rights to publish said article with no rights given or offered to another for said article. This is because I don’t want the article to be re-spun by you or others to be published elsewhere, which can cause plagiarism or copyright issues. This means when you submit your article, you agree to give me full rights to publish, and no other. If you cannot commit to an exclusive article for this site, please do not submit your article here. This does not prevent you from referencing your article, complete with your Bio., with a direct link to the page on which it is contained, upon publication.

Fact check your articles if making claims that might be disputed for accuracy, and by all means include linked references. Context is important, so make sure explanations are logically clear and understandable. Just because an idea may be faith-based, it should not be exempt from making sense. Clarify!

And most importantly, ANSWER THE QUESTION! This means: do not waste time and energy changing the subject, characterizing the question or its author, or stating your beliefs that have nothing to do with what the question is asking.

When submitting the form, Tag your answer from the drop-down Category menu by selecting which question your article is an answer to: i.e. under the “Answers” category, select > Question 1, Question 4, Question 8. The other questions will be available for answering in the private area (I don’t have that set-up yet).

Submissions will be in Draft mode until cleared. You will be automatically sent an email notification via the email you included on the Submission Form when cleared and published.

Take as much space as needed to clearly develop your thoughts and then edit for clarity and brevity. There is no word limit, but there is only so much anyone is going to read, especially if it meanders off topic.

Include an Author Bio at the bottom of your article. You may include your web site (or blog) and one social link, if desired (some links may or may not be hot – Google penalizes for certain practices). The email you submit (required) on the form will not be published, and will remain private. I do not publish email addresses (due to “spam”); sorry, so do not include it in your Bio. Thank you.

To agree to the terms above and submit your article,
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