The 10 Questions

There are only ten questions plus one. The last question, number 11, (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) was written in honor of an old friend (MB) who first posed it to me when we were children.

Each question comes with full context, and biblical source material to fully exhaust expected apologetics.

Question 10 is being made readily available for download in pdf format, as a preview. You can download it FREE Here. This is because anyone wanting to purchase this book should have an understanding of the power, scope, and context of these types of questions BEFORE making a decision to purchase. You can find a preview of each question from the Index directly from the book at, Christianity vs Critical Thinking.

Skeptics will find solid reasoning and sourced structure from which sound arguments can be made against key failures of superstitious and faithful thinking. Agnostics, or those sitting on the fence, will find clarified concepts to help them formulate their own conclusions. And “believers” will have great fun finding ways to “forgive” cognitive contradictions when the Bible is taken at its word.


Thank you; have fun.

Dorian Greer